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Avtek International Inc.
382 Commerce St
, Ohio 44278
Phone: 330-633-7500

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Thank you for visiting the Avtek International Home Page.

We encourage you to explore and learn about us, our capabilities and our objectives.  Whether you are an entrepreneur or managing an established brand, we have the marketing, engineering and manufacturing experience to help develop your ideas into a successful product.  Maybe, you need help in the technology discovery phase?  We are here to manage the research and development tasks relieving you of the heavy burden and time crunch associated.  Often its the tooling costs that keep people from exploring new ideas.  At Avtek International, our value added proposition is the extra services and support you receive for free when chosing us as your long-term manufacturing partner. 

We are enablers.  We consult, manage, design, engineer and manufacturer products for many consumer electronics companies.  You will not find our customer list on this site or pictures of products we help develop and manufacture.  We believe that hard work and loyalty creates successful long-term relationships.  Our strategy is to be an extension of your team.  All of our work is kept strictly confidential.  We are the best kept global management and manufacturing resource secret and like it that way!